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Test Only Stations

Test-Only Stations are privately-owned Smog Check stations licensed by the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) to inspect and certify most vehicles, including Gross Polluters. While they can perform oil changes and lubrication services, they are prohibited from providing any repair services.

Test-Only Stations' Role

The addition of Test-Only Stations to the Smog Check program augments a service previously provided on a temporary basis by state-contracted Referee Centers. Now, owners of gross-polluting vehicles must have their vehicles tested and certified at either a Test-Only Station or a GPC station.

Additionally, under mandate, 15% of vehicles in Enhanced Areas must be inspected at Test-Only Stations for Smog Check. DMV informs motorists of this requirement through the renewal notice.  All Test-Only directed consumers are eligible for repair and retirement assistance.

Test-Only Stations' Limitations

Test-Only Stations cannot:

  • diagnose or perform any repairs on vehicles; or

  • refer motorists to specific test-and-repair facilities.

Additionally, an owner of a Test-Only Station cannot have ownership, corporate, or financial interest in any test-and-repair station located within 50 miles. Also the test station does not force you to buy any un necessary parts that you do not need to pass a smog check and one thing is for sure that you do not pay few hundred dollars for something that you never needed  ,  That is why  the test Station Only are getting more popular .  If your Vehicle pass or fail  they charge you only one fee for the first test and  one Fee for the second Fee  , this is much better for paying hundreds of dollars for the parts that your car may not needed in first place

Greater Consumer Convenience

The addition of Test-Only Stations now gives vehicle owners more choices--especially those with gross-polluting vehicles--which means greater convenience for California motorists.

If you live in  Laguna Hills, ELToro, Lake Forest, Aliso Viejo, Mission Viejo

and south of Irvine

You can call for appointment  at (949)458-3721

Test takes about 30 to 45 Minutes  $10 OFF  Coupon



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