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   Smog Check Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR)

Vehicle Information

Model-Year: 1992 Make: GMC Model: C1500
License: 4M72963 State: California VIN: 1GTDC14Z6NZ1315BK
Engine Size: 4.3 L Type: Truck Transmission: Manual
GVWR: 5000 Test Weight: 4250 Cylinders: 6
Odometer: 77665 Certification: California VLT Record #: 920298
Fuel-Type: Gasoline Exhaust: Single Inspection Reason: Biennial

Overall Test Results

Repairing your vehicle is necessary to help California reach its goal of removing an extra 100 tons of smog-forming emissions from the air everyday. The State offers (effective March 1, 1998) a low-income emission repair assistance program and a recycling program for polluting vehicles. Ask your technician for the official program information pamphlets or call 1-800-952-5210. You can also get information about all Smog Check programs at <www.smogcheck.org>.

Comprehensive Visual Inspection: PASS Functional Check: FAIL Emissions Test: FAIL

Emission Control Systems Visual Inspection/Functional Check Results

(Visual/Functional tests are used to assist in the identification of crankcase and cold start emissions
which are not measured during the ASM test.)

ASM Emission Test Results

% CO2



CO (%)


Test RPM













15 mph 2920 152.0 77 60 59 0.5 0.3 0.18 762600 1017


25 mph 2242 151.0 75 60 19 0.49 0.35 0.02 715590 308


Vehicles failing smog check must have necessary repairs made to reduce vehicle’s emissions to required levels. If you have spent more than the required cost expenditure for appropriate emission-related repairs (excluding warranty repairs and repairs to missing, modified or disconnected emission control system) at a licensed smog check repair facility, you may be eligible for a one-time waiver. Your repair cost limit may vary if you qualify for "low-income emission repair cost assistance." You may also be eligible for a one-time economic hardship extension.Repair waivers will not be issued for vehicles with missing, modified or disconnected emissions control equipment regardless of cost to make repairs; vehicles that were issued a hardship extension; vehicles that obtained a repair cost waiver in their most recent smog check. Two consecutive repair waivers will not be issued.For questions, ask the smog check technician or smog check station representative. If the smog check technician or smog check station representative is unable to answer your questions, please call the Bureau of Automotive Repair at (800) 952-5210.

Smog Check Inspection Station Information

BAR Technician Name/Number: Hazie, Skye R. / EU024135
10240 Systems Parkway, Sacramento 95827 Repair Tech Name/Number N/A
(916) 255-0000 Software Version/EIS Number: 9506/AA340998
Station Number: RA000000  

I certify, under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California, that I inspected the vehicle described above, that I performed the inspection in accordance with all bureau requirements, and that the information listed on this vehicle inspection report is true and correct.


Technician's Signature


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